As of now, we don't have any regular sessions in English, but we have skilled trainers able to train them.
Please contact us if you are interested in training in English groups so we can get enough people to open them.

Why should you come to ARENA?

  • We are not just another anonymous fitness centre, we know our trainees personally and we try to prepare the sessions for them individually.
  • Qualified trainers and years of perfecting our own system for strength development, flexibility, and overall condition, which is also fun.
  • Effective exercises with body weight, kettlebells, barbells, lots of pull up bars, ladders, sacks, and other equipment.
  • Two beautiful new gyms full of state of the art equipment with superb facilities. You can borrow a towel for free, and we have high quality, freshly ground coffee at a great price.
  • We get results. Every month, we help lots of people achieve their targets and many top athletes (including Olympians) exercise with us. Our competition team also regular